Whatever your intention, reason or objective may be, an event is often the most effective way to leave a positive impression on large groups of people. And because objectives and target groups are always different, the organisation of an event requires a tailor-made approach. After all, you wish to leave a lasting impression on your audience and create a special experience at the same time. The event team of Extra Leisure assists you with the complete organisation from strategy until execution.


o   Sport events

Practicing sports together adds an extra dimension to the experience of sports. Either in competition or as leisure, a sports event is a special happening independent of the number of participants. Special attention to aspects such as health and safety of the participants and the audience as well as the infrastructure is a must. A professional planning of your sport event in the public space assures a good execution and an optimal experience. 


o   Company events

An event is a powerful tool for your organisation, which should be part of your marketing mix. Company competitions, teambuilding trips, retreats, incentive weekends or sports events allow you to motivate and stimulate your business relations and employees to stay in close contact with your company. 


o   Recreational events

Relaxing together in a sporty setting is a unique experience. Extra Leisure takes care of the recreational event allowing you to reach your objectives such as an E-bike tour, a family puzzle tour, a charity race in the region or another event creating enthusiasm for your target group and yourself. 


o   Targeted events

You may want to reach a clearly limited target group through your communication, e.g. all fans of classic Porsches in a certain region or people in the age group of 50 to 60 years. In such a case an event can be a powerful tool to present your message. Extra Leisure advises and accompanies you from the development of the concept up until the organisation of your target event.  


o   Student events

Students and pupils are a specific interest group for which Extra Leisure gladly would like to cooperate with you. A successful event can make the difference for the recruitment of students or for their mutual relation. “On the go” we include the necessary elements that turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Culture, sports or a party, whether or not in combination with historical or society themes, everything is possible.