Event organisation from A to Z

Starting from your requirements, objectives and target audience Extra Leisure supports you from A to Z to turn your event into a success. Depending on your requirements we are at your disposal for the full event organisation, or for parts of it. Extra Leisure is your reliable and professional partner for the organisation of any event. 


Strategy and concept

Extra Leisure draws up a clear plan describing the total management of your event. The result is a practical scenario guiding you from start to end, clearly indicating who has to take which action and when. An event can appeal to a large number of people and realise long-term changes in behaviour, such as the numerous recreational cycling tours organised around the major cycling races. In line with your own policy and objectives Extra Leisure develops an event strategy realising your long-term ambitions.


Event organisation

When you know how to manage your event, which objectives to reach and how to arrange the event, it’s time to start with the planning and execution. Extra Leisure helps you to manage all details.


Sponsoring & subsidies

A good event can be self-funding through admission fees, participations of sponsors and subsidies. Extra Leisure stands for sustainable well-organised events, both operationally as financially. An event that can only exist thanks to subsidies is financially vulnerable and not prepared for the future. Therefore Extra Leisure looks at other possibilities for your event without subsidies. As part of our services we draw up a business plan together with you based on a realistic budget. And when necessary we acquire sponsors in line with the nature of your event. 


Marketing - communication - PR
Extra Leisure assists you in obtaining the necessary exposure and publicity for your event. Starting from the concept of your event, your objectives and the target groups of the event we draw up a marketing plan. This will guide your communication with external and internal concerned parties and describes when and what to communicate with your target groups via the different channels of communication. 


Legal advice
Transparency in agreements and in mutual expectations leads to a pleasant cooperation for your event. Extra Leisure advices you about legal matters which should be contracted providing a solid legal base for your event and for possible further initiatives.


Events decoration
Extra Leisure uses the brand of your organisation or event, your objectives, your style, the location and your audience as base for the development of a visual branding plan, a road signage plan, a safety plan, a traffic plan, a fencing plan, etc. In addition, we manage the execution of the plans and the production of the necessary materials such as road signs, lettering materials, stands, promotion articles and sampling and flyer actions.